A Frenzy of Friands!!!


Imported from Down Under: An Australian friand: a delicacy that is completely new to Calgary!

Lakeview Gluten-Free Bakery is proud to announce a new product: the popular Australian delicacy, the friand,

We have friands on the shelves of the Lakeview Gluten-Free Bakery for the month of February 2020.

Our special Canadian friand is a baked delicacy that is delicious, nutritious, and low in carbs. It is completely gluten-free.

A friand is a small almond cake popular in Australia and New Zealand, closely related to the French financier.


The principal ingredients of a traditional Down Under friand are almond flour, egg whites, butter, and powdered sugar (but we make it easily with monk fruit and erythritol to ensure that it is low-carb).  Thus, the friand fits well into the Joy of Keto low-carb, sugar-free product range.

A friand typically has additional flavourings, such as coconut, chocolate, fruit, and nuts.

It is baked in small moulds, typically oval in shape.

There is no Canadian equivalent to the marvellous delicacy, the friand.

The two friand best-sellers are raspberry lemon and blueberry orange.


Product details:

Ingredients: almond flour, butter, egg whites, whole egg, rice flour, potato starch, tapioca starch, coconut flour, baking powder, monk fruit, erythritol, salt, xanthan gum, lemon juice Plus plus raspberries or blueberries. They have only four carbs per friand.

Packets of 4 gluten-free, low-carb Joy of Keto friands: $12.95

For more information about this wonderful new baked good available at the Lakeview Gluten-Free Bakery and through the new Joy of Keto range, please see



See below:

Our Vancouver skunkworker snapped a photo of these two delicious-looking friands in a cafe in Edgecliff in eastern Sydney in December 2019.



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