This video shows Brian an his son, Daren, who manages the original Lakeview Bakery, making gluten-free  gingerbread cookies together for Christmas.

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The Lakeview Bakeries A Pioneering Family Business

This pioneering family-owned and operated business has been operating in Calgary for nearly 30 years. It spcialises in baked good to support dietary choices.

The bakery was originally established in March 1990 by Brian and Maureen Hinton. And the two distinctive but complementary Lakeview Bakeries have transformed the lives of many Calgarians. They have done that by providing delicious local organic, gluten-free and low-carb bakery goods. They are all baked fresh daily on the premises and are vdistributed widely in Calgary and neighbouring communities.

Building on a Family Tradition: Brian and Maureen Hinton

Born in England, Brian Hinton had an extensive formal education and experience as a baker and food technologist. Initially, his English-born wife, Maureen Hinton worked as a registered nurse at Calgary’s General Hospital. Then, together, they responded to the voices of Calgary public’s increasing demands for baked goods. They agreed to meet the stringent requirements of special dietary needs. At first, their bakery was a community bakery. It featured British products (given Brian’s and Maureen’s heritages). The bakery also served a wholesale market throughout the Calgary community.

The closing of a major British chain store catapulted this imaginative couple into unfamiliar territories. They soon embarked on a mission to transform the focus of the original Lakeview bakery. So they focussed on organic baking and meeting special dietary needs. And they met a new demand for gluten-free baked goods.

In 1996, Brian was approached by the Director of the Canadian Celiac Association (Calgary Chapter) ( to make gluten-free products for their members. The first products were white and brown rice bread. Now the Glutern-Free Bakery makes over 200 varieties of gluten-free baked goods.

Time for a Second Bakery

The demand for baked good to meet the special dietary needs soon overwhelmed the bakery and the family and their staff worked long hours to meet existing demands and to create new bakery products. They focussed especially for those with dietary restrictions who might have believed that they would never again enjoy delicious baked goods.

Soon the business expanded, and in 2010, the second bakery was opened. It is now known as Lakeview Gluten-Free Bakery. It was previously known as Lakeview Bakery on 90th.

Brian Hinton Travels the World

In 2010, Calgary experienced an unprecedented demand for low-carb baked goods. The small original Lakeview Bakery rocketed to national fame. and so Brian met the influential American physician and cardiologist, Dr. Robert Atkins. (Atkins was the creator of the famous Atkins diet:

Atkins was famous for repeating, “Don’t fix what’s not broken.” Atkins’ enthusiasm had a galvanizing effect on Brian, who had already worked out the benefits of low-carb diet.

From his Calgary home base, Brian embraced a leadership role in the baking industry. He worked both nationally and internationally and became a media personality. Soon he was appearing on local and national TV. And he was conducting seminars about low-carb and special dietary baked goods across the United States and Canada.

What’s happening now?

The forward-looking and dedicated family management and staff of the two Lakeview Bakeries have consistently scaled new baking heights. The culmination is the 2019 focus on the keto diet.

Now Brian has a new venture: Joy of Keto.

It’s hardly his “swan song”. Brian Hinton is into Joy of Keto for the long haul!

Brian at the Calgary Woman’s Show, April 2019