Breaking News! Brian has added a Joy of Keto cake and cupcakes to the product line!

Breaking News!

Just in time for a Father’s Day treat, Brian has triumphed again in the Joy of Keto test bakery.

He’s come up with two new fresh baked low-carb, keto-friendly products: delicious vanilla cupcakes (at about three to four carbs each) and a vanilla cake.

That cake would be the perfect treat for celebrating that special man in your life next week on Father’s Day.

Welcome the first-ever Joy of Keto cake!

Here’s the cake. Fresh from the bakery. Imagine it with your inscription in icing on the top:

And here are the cupcakes.

The first ever Joy of Keto cupcakes: fresh and fragrant from the Lakeview Bakery test oven!


Coconut flour! The secret ingredient!

The beautifully iced cupcakes with a rich cream cheese icing have only four carbs.


The ingredients are as follows: whole egg, butter, coconut flour, erythritol, cream cheese, heavy cream, baking powder, xanthan gum, salt and natural flavours.

The price is $15.95 for a pack of four cupcakes.

Backbreaking work

This is backbreaking work. Make no mistake!

After so much intense, research and development (not ot mention late-night taste-testing), both skunk members of the Joy of Keto Skunkworks research team had to have a long nap today!

We’ll have more soon on the exact carb count, ingredients and nutritionals for the cakes.

But for now — these two new glorious delicacies are for sale at both Lakeview bakeries:

the Lakeview Bakery on Crowchild Trail


the Lakeview Gluten-Free Bakery on 90th Avenue.

Don’t forget Father!

Please don’t forget father, okay? Wouldn’t he love a special keto-friendly cake this Father’s Day?

Well, look no further than the Lakeview Gluten-free Bakery!

And the Lakeview Bakery in the Lakeview Plaza on Crowchild Trail.