Happy Birthday, Brian Hinton!

Brian celebrated his 78th birthday at Deane House yesterday

It’s been said that we can judge the vitality and integrity of a culture by the way its members treat their elders. In Western countries, well, it’s not always such a pretty picture.

But here in Calgary, Alberta, things are going well for baking entrepreneur and mentor, Brian Hinton. He turned 78 today and friends and family were there to celebrate his triumph.

It’s been a hard few years for Brian. Following his wife Maureen’s two devastating illnesses and her final move to a nursing home late last year, Brian was worn out. He was himself seriously ill only six months ago in Calgary’s Rockyview Hospital. For a while, he thought he would not make it until friend John looked after him during his convalescence. He certainly did not imagine a return to entrepreneurship and innovation.

And now, as we have recently reported on this website, Brian is “back in the saddle”.

So, this past weekend and today, his friends and family celebrated his feisty approach to re-entering his working life. (His birthday is today!)

And afternoon at the theatre and dinner at the legendary Deane’s House Restaurant was a special birthday treat, topped off by some languorous jazz that features every Sunday night at that fine restaurant.

And this morning, more friends and family greeted him with smiles, hugs and gifts. A free massage was a welcome gift for an elderly guy who’s about to go overseas on a research trip.

Not to be outshone, the delicacies from Lakeview Gluten-Free Bakery took centre stage this morning. And, as we sang “Happy Birthday,” a delighted Brian blew out candles on two Lakeview Bakery cupcakes.

Brian blowing out candles this morning

Lakeview Gluten-Free Bakery Cupcakes

This brave old fellow is showing the baking world – in Calgary and more widely – that he is not done yet.

Hail, Brian. We salute you!

A very Happy Birthday from all of us at Joy of Keto and the Lakeview Bakeries.