The Joy of Keto story

The Lakeview Bakeries: a Pioneering Family Business

Joy of Keto is a range of fresh baked low-carb, gluten-free baked good produced by the Joy of Keto Baking Copration and baked at the Lakeview Gluten-Free Bakery, Calgary, Alberta.

That bakery is the only place that the products ar produced, although they are sold in other stores and bakeries.

This pioneering family-owned and operated business has been operating in Calgary for 30 years. It specializes in baked goods to support dietary choices.

The original bakery was initially established in March 1990 by Brian and Maureen Hinton. And the two distinctive but complementary Lakeview Bakeries have transformed the lives of many Calgarians.

They have done that by providing local organic, gluten-free and low-carb bakery goods. All the goods are baked fresh daily on the premises and are distributed widely in Calgary and neighbouring communities.

A Family Business Tradition: Brian and Maureen Hinton

Born in England, Brian Hinton had extensive formal education and experience as a baker and food technologist. Initially, his English-born wife, Maureen Hinton worked as a registered nurse at Calgary’s General Hospital. Then, together, they responded to the voices of the Calgary public’s increasing demands for baked goods. They agreed to meet the stringent requirements of special dietary needs. At first, their bakery was a community bakery.

It featured British products (given Brian’s and Maureen’s heritages). The bakery also served a wholesale market throughout the Calgary community.

The closing of a major British chain store catapulted this imaginative couple into unfamiliar territories. They soon embarked on a mission to transform the focus of the original Lakeview bakery. So they focussed on organic baking and meeting special dietary needs. And they met a new demand for gluten-free baked goods.

In 1996, Brian was approached by the Director of the Canadian Celiac Association (Calgary Chapter) ( to make gluten-free products for their members.

The first products were only white and brown rice bread. Now the Gluten-Free Bakery makes over 200 varieties of gluten-free baked goods.

Time for a Second Bakery

The demand for baked goods to meet the special dietary needs soon overwhelmed the bakery and the family, and their staff worked long hours to meet existing demands and to create new bakery products. They focussed especially for those with dietary restrictions who might have believed that they would never again enjoy delicious baked goods.

Soon the business expanded, and in 2010, the couple opened the second bakery. It is now known as Lakeview Gluten-Free Bakery (sometimes referred to as the Lakeview Bakery on 90th).

Brian Hinton Travels the World

In 2010, Calgary experienced an unprecedented demand for low-carb baked goods. The small original Lakeview Bakery rocketed to national fame. And so Brian met the influential American physician and cardiologist, Dr Robert Atkins. (Atkins was the creator of the famous Atkins diet:

Atkins was famous for repeating, “Don’t fix what’s not broken.” Atkins’ enthusiasm had a galvanizing effect on Brian, who had already worked out the benefits of a low-carb diet.

From his Calgary home base, Brian embraced a leadership role in the baking industry. He worked both nationally and internationally and became a media personality. Soon he was appearing on local and national TV.

And he was conducting seminars about low-carb and special dietary baked goods across the United States and Canada.

What’s happening now?

The forward-looking and dedicated family management and staff of the Lakeview Gluten-Free Bakery have consistently scaled new baking heights.

The culmination is the 2019 focus on the keto diet.

Now Brian has a new venture: Joy of Keto.

It’s hardly his “swan song”. Brian Hinton is into Joy of Keto for the long haul!


Exactly What is Joy of Keto?

Joy of Keto is a range of baked goods designed by Brian Hinton, the founder and owner of the Lakeview Gluten-Free Bakery in Calgary. Trained as a baker and food technologist, Brian has had a long career as an innovator in the baking industry in Canada and elsewhere.

Many people believe that Brian’s original Lakeview Bakery (and his currently owned gluten-free bakery) changed the face of baking in Calgary – and for the better! One customer even exclaimed that their gluten-free offerings had saved her child’s life!

In response to the enormous popularity of the ketogenic (“keto”) diet in recent times, Brian has developed this range of baked goods and one non-baked item (the astonishingly delicious keto bomb) to help those who seek the health benefits of a keto or low-carb diet.

All of the new Joy of Keto fresh products have appeared on the shelves of the  Lakeview Gluten-Free Bakery (on 8 April 2019).

Importantly, all of the products in the Joy of Keto range are incredibly low in carbohydrates.

Thus, they can support other foods in helping you to succeed with a healthy and balanced low-carb or keto diet.

An essential part of the Joy of Keto range is the emphasis on JOY. For so many people, dieting is a struggle, full of suffering and anxiety.

There is little joy in the traditional weight-loss diet – which often focuses on low-calorie intakes. And for many of us, dieting involves self-denial and avoidance of the good things in life!

That’s exactly where the Joy of Keto comes in!

We’re putting the Joy back into your diet with delicious low-carb baked goods. You can have confidence that they are made locally, are completely gluten-free, and are very, very low in carbohydrates.

This range of baked goods will allow you to include treats and special items in your diet without destroying your diet!

A win-win situation

To us, it’s a win-win situation.

The products are healthy, gluten-free, sugar-free and perfect for balancing and complementing the other comments of a low-carb or keto (ketogenic) diet.

Best of all, they are amazingly delicious.

You won’t believe how good they taste!

And because they are so low in carbs, you will not have to omit baked goods from your diet.

You CAN include baked goods.

They just need to be the right baked goods.

And those right baked goods are available now from the Joy of Keto range in Calgary’s iconic Lakeview Gluten-Free Bakery.

Bon appétit!

Our new Joy of Keto Website

Joy of Keto is a website dedicated to delicious bakery products produced by one of the world’s most experienced bakers and food technologists, Brian Hinton, a Fellow of the Institute of British Bakers. It showcases products produced by the Joy of Keto Baking Corporation in Calgary, Alberta.

After an extensive career in baking in the UK, Canada and the United States, Brian is now focussing on the keto diet, as there is strong local and international demand for low-carb, fresh baked goods that support this unique and powerful diet.

Brian is based in Calgary, Alberta and travels internationally, consulting and speaking about the role of baked goods in supporting dietary choices.

Our Commitment to Our Customers: Your Dietary Needs Are Our Primary Focus

Customers can shop in absolute confidence that the Joy of Keto products produced at the Lakeview Gluten-Free Bakery on 90th Avenue are safe for those on a gluten-free diet. Not a single product in that bakery and its shop contains any gluten. There is no risk of a mistake that could have disastrous consequences for you or your family and friends.

Why a Hummingbird? A magical bird that bears gifts of joy and happiness

Brian and Lucia  in the Lakeview Gluten-Free Bakery

Our passion with Joy of Keto is to lighten up dieting, wellness and dietary choices.

  • We want to bring back joy and lightness into healthy baked goods.
  • We also believe in miracles, love, and happiness in our business and our lives.
  • We want to encourage everyone who enjoys our baked goods to enjoy life and to be light and free – like our hummingbird.

Our logo – a vibrant, multi-coloured hummingbird, represents lightness of being and enjoyment of life.

This fearless, resilient, adaptable and fascinating bird can perform amazing feats! It flies far and wide, enduring long and arduous journeys with joy and playfulness. It can fly backwards, hover up and down, and go from flying full speed to an instant stop in a second.

This independent bird is always present in the moment. It delights in both big and small things, in life’s simple pleasures. It seeks and finds the hidden sweetness – the nectar – of life. A delicious keto-friendly Belgian chocolate brownie might be one of those pleasures!

Our hummingbird is exclaiming, “Hey, lighten up! Look at all the beautiful flowers and sweet nectar we have yet to find! Even dieting can be fun.”

Every day, this tiny, seemingly insignificant bird finds delicious nectar deep within the tough, bitter parts of the flower. Lightness and sweetness are what it seeks and what it stands for.

That is what we stand for at Joy of Keto.

Lightness and sweetness.