The Delicious New Joy of Keto Products

In the new Joy of Keto range of baked goods, the following products are now available from the Lakeview Gluten-Free Bakery.

A local supplier of keto baked products: sustainability is our focus

As so many of our customers are aware of the sustainability issues related to importing baked goods (and other grocery items) from long distances, it’s reassuring that these new products are being baked onsite here in Calgary for Calgary customers. No food miles are involved — just your trip to the bakery and back home — to enjoy these divine delights!

These low-carb, gluten-free Joy of Keto baked goods are so delicious we can hardly describe them!

All of these products are made on-site in our dedicated gluten-free bakery here in Calgary.

For the diet- and health-conscious customer, this means that, if you have a dietary constraint or preference, you can shop with absolute confidence that none of these products will contain gluten.

There is no gluten on the premises in this bakery.

The New Range of Joy of Keto Baked Goods

The new range consists of the following delicious and nutritious products:

  1. Muffins (4 carbs)

Description: These muffins currently come in two favours: lemon raspberry and cheese and tomato.

But we are experimenting with other flavours, and one candidate is blueberry orange. So look out for that delight.

With a bright, bountiful flavour profile, they are also light and fluffy, as muffins should be. Of course, they are gluten-free, but that in no way detracts from the taste. These muffins freeze well and can be kept in the freezer for twelve weeks. They are perfect for a snack, for packing in your lunch box, or as a special treat on a low-carb or keto diet.

Joy of Keto Cheese and Tomato Muffins


Joy of Keto Lemon Raspberry Muffins

2. Scones (3 carbs)

Description: Everyone loves a warm scone for breakfast, morning or afternoon tea! These light but flaky scones are packed with nutritional goodness and unique but classic tangy flavours. Two popular flavours are cheddar cheese and cheese and Italian herbs. But we also make a tomato and cheddar scone as well!

We make these delicious scones daily in our dedicated gluten-free bakery.

Joy of Keto Cheese Scones

3. Chocolate brownies (3 carbs)


This is a rich, chewy, classic chocolate brownie that loses none of the expected depth and richness, despite being made with monk fruit as a sweetener instead of sugar.

We all love the sugary, gooey sweetness of a real chocolate brownie.

Brian has perfected this chewy brownie using coconut flour.

Chocoholics who are counting carbs need to look no further! Help is at hand! These brownies will not disappoint you. They have a shelf life of six months. And they have only three carbs!

Joy of Keto Belgian Chocolate Brownies

4. Keto bombs (1 carb)


Not everyone is familiar with this magical innovation in gluten-free and keto baking. Sometimes called the “fat bomb”, our awesome keto bombs (with only one carb each!) hit the spot with a chocolate and buttery delight. Just what your body is yearning for.

Our keto bombs are made in our dedicated gluten-free facility. The crumble consists of unsweetened chocolate, almond flour cocoa powder, and a monk fruit/erythritol blend for sweetener. The ganache is made of coconut cream (35% coconut fat), cocoa powder, and dark chocolate.

It’s beyond yummy, and it’s topped with a fresh raspberry. The low melting point of the coconut cream provides a melt-in-the-mouth surprise.

Joy of Keto Keto Bombs

5. Chocolate chip cookies (4 carbs)


The original Toll House cookie has delighted cookie lovers since 1938! These succulent morsels are so chewy and chocolatey! So who could imagine that they could also be made with a very low carb count – and be just as delicious as the sugar-filled original?

If diet cookies have disappointed you in the past, your search for sugar-free, guilt-free chocolate chip cookie satisfaction is over! Chock full of chocolate chips, these buttery delights have only four carbs.

These cookies are a special treat and taste just like the original.

Joy of Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies

6. Cloud bread (zero carbs!)


It’s hard to imagine these products. They are made for the keto diet.

They are as light as a feather. And they have no carbs! True!

Made from cream cheese and egg whites, these precious, fluffy treasures are baked to create a very thin, pita-bread-like gem of a keto product.

This unique unsweetened bread is soft and chewy. It simply melts in your mouth.

Joy of Keto Cloud Bread

7. Lucia almond bread


Lucia, the hummingbird who is flying off the wall at the Lakeview Gluten-Free Bakery on 90th Avenue, was the inspiration for Brian’s new Lucia bread. Its lightness is due to the careful composition and use of almond flour.

Depending on thick you slice this bread, slices can have as few as two carbs per slice (based on 14 slices in a loaf of 454 grams).

Our early research in the Skunkworks team indicates that the psyllium in Lucia bread may be just the thing for IBS sufferers.

Please do keep an eye on this page as we report more research on the benefits of psyllium in our diets.


Lucia bread (almond bread)