The Little (Local) Bakery that Changed Calgary!

How can a little suburban bakery make a difference to community life?

Our answer here at Joy of Keto and the Lakeview Gluten-Free Bakery is: “In many ways!”

The Lakeview Gluten-Free Bakery changed Calgary by being the first local bakery to produce gluten-free baked goods. It became — and continues to be — a community building block.

There are many sorts of “community” building blocks in suburban communities in Canadian cities. Some people seek out trendy cafes and coffee shops or noisy pubs and bars. In the good weather, parks and public spaces are where we gather. But we still return to our familiar places to shop.

And, though we sometimes shop in supermarkets and the big box shopping centres, we delight in our local store, our local bakery.

Local self-reliance

Local self-reliance is what you find in a small local bakery. You can ask the staff to tell you exactly what the ingredients are and where they come from. (That stevia is grown just south of Calgary in BC. Did you know that?)

Their reassurance gives you confidence that an allergin has not crept in, as it might in a huge factory in Minnesota.

With a powerful allergy to buckwheat, I’ve been caught out a dinner party by a cold soup (!) and by an organic chocolate brownie in an organic bakery. Yes, it was wheat-free, but what was there instead of the wheat? Buckwheat. Eek!

I have to ask. Every time!

Dietary choices are changing

As we see this massive change in local people’s dietary choices, we find that they — and we — seek reassurance.

What’s in this food, how much of it, how as it made and where did it come from?

The staff in a local bakery you have trusted for decades offer the answers to those questions And more.

But shopping there, you’re also fostering local self-reliance, reducing food miles, engaging in sustainable practices and supporting local enterprise and local employment.

In the case of a robust family business, you support generations of family members.

Your business matters.

And your voice matters. Your feedback allows a small enterprise to fine-tune and tailor its offerings to local needs. That’s how both the gluten-free and the vegan products at the Lakeview Gluten-Free Bakery started: customer requests.

The cornerstone of the community

These places are where people go for their staples: their regular trip to a community-oriented bakery, for example. Every week. Reliably. And we expect reliability in return.

And it’s also a meeting place and place to share information about diets and dietary choices.

The two Lakeview Bakeries in Calgary are examples of such community building block: a cornerstone of community life. You’ll find a humble chalkboard advertising a colouring competition.

You’ll find shelves, showcases and a freezer stocked with fresh baked goods made fresh daily on the premises. You can peek into the inner workings of the bakery and see the bakers at work — six or seven days a week.

  • Ahhhh, those cream horns…
  • Those gluten-free pastries…
  • Those vegan delights!

It’s Vegan Week!

It’s Vegan Week this week. Who would have thought!


And our legendary Lakeview Gluten-Free Bakery is asking for your support.

The gluten-free, vegan, salted caramel banana cream tart

We have this luscious new product that eager customers are grabbing as soon as it lands on the shelves: the gluten-free, vegan salted caramel banana cream tart!

Image may contain: food

So, if you bought the GF/vegan caramel banana cream tart, you can vote here to award Lakeview Gluten-Free Bakery for the Best Vegan Dessert:

So what is a local bakery, anyway?

A local bakery is different things to different people. It’s part of a communication and feedback loop that allows its staff and management to respond quickly to customer preferences. That’s what the agile hummingbird, Lucia, stands for. (That she flies for.)

Responsiveness and adaptability.

A local bakery supplies the exact products that local people need. Its staff monitor trends in baking, nutrition, and dietary choices.

And it’s a hub of community connection.

Of course, it’s a place to find delicious baked goods.

Joy of Keto

A local bakery is also where innovation begins. Experimentation and testing are the bywords. The huge 3M Company has scientists experimenting with adhesives.

At a smaller scale, at Joy of Keto and the Lakeview Gluten-Free Bakery, we have bakers and food technologists experimenting with sweeteners, for example.

As we celebrate community self-reliance, let’s not forget the recent innovations in the Joy of Keto range of fresh baked goods.

They are already developing legendary status in the local community.

Just look at this delicious keto-friendly Lucia bread.

Two carbs per slice!

Lucia bread (almond bread)

You can find all that and more at the Little Bakery that Changed Calgary!