Icing the new Joy of Keto Cake

There was general rejoicing in the Joy of Keto Skunkworks this past week, as Master Baker, Briant Hinton, perfected his very first Joy of Keto cake.

And the icing.


The chief research skunkworker had the first taste. There might still be issues with the icing, she mused. It can get hard when the cake is refrigerated. That cake-lover doesn’t mind hard icing, but the Master Baker is not fully satisfied.

So, while the new Joy of Keto cake is now available to sale, there is still work to do in the Skunkworks  test kitchen and bakery.

R and D is a never-ending story

The process

Here’s what the process looked like, step-by-step, for all of you who are so eagerly awaiting this cake (we heard you!)

First, ice the top of the cake and assemble the icing kit.


Then assemble the new colours you want to mix.

Mixing colours

Then various colours of icing are mixed on the marble slab. Especially the vibrant lime green that is Lucia’s signature colour (she’s our hummingbird).

The design

Then comes copying the Joy of Keto design, designed by Vancouver graphic artist, Megan Finnerty:

The coloured icing

Then work the coloured icing into the design.


Then add the words (a hard font to copy!).

The finished product

And here’s the finished product, once the icing has been piped around the top!

How about this new treat for Canada Day…?

With Canada Day only a few days away, what better treat for a loved one!

Or a new immigrant to Canada.

Now for sale!

The Joy of Keto cake sells for $50 for an eight-inch round cake.

The recipe for the white cake is the same as for the Joy of Keto cupcakes. (whole egg, butter, coconut flour, erythritol, cream cheese, heavy cream, baking powder, xanthan gum, salt, and natural flavours.)

A slice is about four net carbs.

You can order this beautiful cake from the Lakeview Gluten-Free Bakery.

Email: lakeviewbakery@hotmail.com

Or phone: (403) 357 3555.